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Welcome to Appszito!


Mobile Apps have been increasing in popularity since the release of the Android and iOS smart phones and the iPad. People discovered these wondrous multipurpose devices that were compact and portable could store and access any necessary information from more bulky sources like desktops. With the mobile devices came handy Mobile Apps that provided accessibility to said information. Now we utilize Mobile Apps so often for business, college and personal use that a Mobile App revolution has been ignited around the world.


As with any successful revolution, there must be a purpose. The purpose of this Mobile App revolution is convenience and ease of access for users. Android and iPhone offer apps that can do anything from organize your activities, budget, and business to finding accommodations. There are a multitude of mobile games, answering services and social networking Mobile Apps. There is a Mobile App that can provide any information you need and with Mobile WiFi Finder Apps, you can find a connection nearby anywhere you happen to be.


The problem is… there is an ever growing plethora of nifty Mobile Apps being offered by platforms like iOS, Android and scores of their affiliates. Variety is good, but old Mobile Apps are being updated while new Mobile Apps are designed monthly and released to consumers. The consumers are ‘the people’ of the Mobile App revolution and they need support in order to shift through the overflow of available Mobile Apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps, mobile games and social apps.


That dear friend… is where Appszito comes in.


We fight the battle for the people by providing relevant information about Mobile Applications, Android apps, iOS apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps and mobile games by presenting an enhanced Relational Algorithm search platform that targets search results. Instead of spending hours scrolling through pages of ads with traditional enterprise search engines, users will find Appszito specifically caters to ONLY Mobile Apps.


Our goal is to provide users with swift and relative search results. Utilizing our enhanced Relational Algorithm search system, keywords can provide informative details about most available mobile apps on the market today. Appszito’s state of the art Relational Algorithm search platform can easily provide you a quick result on ratings, reviews and available platforms for mobile apps and even the most up to date deals for iOS and Android apps.


We at Appszito are trying to change the way people search and discover new apps by providing a more targeted search platform using Relational Algorithms. Our Mobile App search platform completely eliminates cumbersome hours of irrelevant results.


Reality is, Mobile apps, Mobile Applications, Android apps, iOS apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps and mobile games can make people’s lives easier and at times, more fun. Appszito’s Relational Algorithm search platform helps users find what they want quickly and efficiently, thus eliminating the stress sometimes involved in search…aka, more time for fun. Finding the Mobile App should not be tiresome and annoying. Appszito makes search more effective and eliminates unnecessary mental over exertion.


At the same time our Relational Algorithm search platform provides convenient usability for the perspective consumers, Appszito also helps App developers reach out to those consumers. Our targeted search platform instantly puts the consumer in touch with the developer via our relevant search results. By bridging that gap, the potential customer can see firsthand what the developer has to offer and contact them directly with any questions or concerns. Quick, convenient and completely efficient from the entry of the keyword to the relevant search results received within seconds of hitting your enter key.


So, what is Appszito? We are the team that fights for the people in the Mobile App revolution. Our revolutionary search algorithm will scout out the developer territory and provide users with a direct link to relevant and informative details about Mobile apps, Mobile Applications, Android apps, iOS apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, social apps and mobile games. Appszito will even provide you one page results for the best deals on iOS and Android apps.


The Mobile App revolution will continue to evolve as consumer demand increases. Developers will continue to produce thousands of new Mobile Apps each year to compete for the consumer’s business. Meanwhile, we at Appszito will continue to update our Relational Algorithm search platform to provide consumers quick and easy access to up to date, relative Mobile App information.

“Viva Le Mobile App Revolution”!


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